Velos Hellas is a dynamic company established in 1987 as a general ship supplier in Piraeus, Greece.

Since then, we operate ceaselessly and consistently providing high standard ship supplying services, with experienced and well trained staff, always keeping up with the roller coaster-like changes that occur globally.

Our extensive knowledge, expertise and multiyear experience in the international trade area gives us the ability to propose the best possible alternatives to meet our customerís needs.

Beyond our Piraeus services, our international partners network enable us to provide anything a vessel needs in any port Worldwide.

We never compromise in the quality and the high standards of services we provide to our customers and we never stop trying to evolve in order to raise the quality of our services in even higher levels.

Send us an inquiry, wherever your vessels call and you will shortly receive our competitive prices for anything you request.

FAX: + 30 210 46 32 854       E-MAIL:        TEL.: + 30 210 46 20 812

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